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Malaysian Agro Chemical Company to enter SL

For the first time Malaysian Agro Chemical Company would be opening their first manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka next year.

CEO FertiChem Malaysia, S. Abbyan said that they are in to manufacture agro liquid fertilizer and they use 100% eco-friendly products. “We manufacture this particulate liquid fertilizer using fruits and other material imported from Germany and it’s not harmful to humans. In fact you can even drink it!” He said that their product can be used for tea, paddy, Palm oil, spices, fruit and vegetables, flowers and other agricultural crops and is being used in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.”

Fertichem is a private international corporation which primarily manufactures & distributes fertilizers, agrochemicals and turf for agriculture and horticulture in various climates, weather and soil conditions. He said the success of the product has prompted them to look for other markets and they have identified Sri Lanka as their manufacturing base to venture to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. “The Port facilities from Sri Lanka are good and we have taken this too into consideration.”

“We have found a partner in Sri Lanka and set up Agro Solutions Asia (Pvt) limited for this purpose. We will invest around Rs. 350 million within the next nine months in Sri Lanka for setting up a plant, laboratory and for distribution.”

He said that one of the main advantages of agro liquid fertilizer which will be marketed and distributed under the brand name, Mahana has no urea , is environmental friendly, increases yields by 35% and also brings down the fertilizer and labour costs by 60%.”

He said that they did field visits to Paddy fields in Polonnaruwa, Ampara, Anuradhapura, and found out that a farmer spends around Rs 40, 000 for fertilizer per harvesting season per hectare. (SS)

A Paddy farmer for each harvesting season uses fertilizer minimum three times.”

“However with Mahana liquid fertilizer only three spraying cycles are needed and it will cost less than Rs 10, 000 per season for the farmer.”

He also said that another unique feature is that after using Mahana the farmer will see an increase of yield by at least 30%.

This same result could be seen for other Agri products and this is also ideal to bring down the harvesting period of Pineapple by six months.

As a CSR initiative, they will donate Rs. 20 from each one litre bottle to Sri Lanka National Kidney Fund.

He said once they set up their distribution network they will apply for BOI status to set up the factory in one of the BOI zones, said Chairman, Agro Solutions Asia (Pvt) limited, Thahir Mohamed Milhan.

He said that they have also obtained the import license and have also received Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka approval to distribute these products.