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CEO's Message

My humble Greetings to all Lanka people in the Agriculture Field.

The Board Members of Agrosolutions Asia Pvt Ltd are Dedicated and plays an important role in enabling, formulating, monitoring and get solutions to the group structuring giving out their Best to the Growth of the product for our Sri Lankan Farmers in cultivating and getting a better yield in their paddy farming, particularly emphasising the group in shaping the business environment globally and locally.

We are encouraged by the progress achieved. we have multi-took in building the support to strengthen the developed over fifteen years.

We are more in formulating the agriculture and their need in the evaluation.

our core in business service as a producer of Liquid foliar fertilizer for agricultural crops of all kinds.
A) We uphold the trust of all clients, farmers and planters.
B) Transforming care around the needs.
C) We give our best every time.
D) We embrace open discussion with our customers, dealers and important our farmers to educate
them in their farming need.
E) We treat each and every individual with Dignity.


Agro Solutions ASIN Pvt Ltd.
S.L. Abbyan